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The Most Popular Thermostat Brand Names on the Market

The venerable Honeywell T832 circular thermostat is a relic; it is literally a museum piece. Iconic and commonplace as it is, it was a primitive mechanism, and today’s thermostats offer great user versatility and choice.

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Top Of The Line Thermostat Brand Names for Your Home

Do you want a top-of-the-line thermostat for your home, but are unsure which brand to buy? If so, continue reading to get an overview of the top thermostat brand names on the market.

With or Without

The first decision to make is between thermostats with internet access and those that remain independent of the Internet of Things (IoT). Thermostats with remote access through the internet can be checked, reprogrammed and accessed for reports, all from a smartphone or distant computer. This type typically has multiple sensors spread throughout the house to achieve accurate, even comfort levels. These are also the more expensive thermostats.

Thermostats that are independent of the internet still offer many choices but cost less. They also are single-point (no sensors), so are not quite as effective as the remote-access type.

WiFi Thermostats

brands of smart thermostats picture

Among the most popular internet-accessible thermostat brands, the following five stand out:


Price: $249

Canadian EcoBee uses a remotely located sensor to balance heating and cooling and adjusts temperatures based on daily weather.


Price: $249

This third-generation smart thermostat is often called the most advanced thermostat in the world, with the capacity to notify you on your smartphone if your HVAC system is behaving badly; and yet, it has no remote sensors.

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Price: $199

Simply because they made the icon does not mean Honeywell retreated; its WiFi Smart Thermostat (RTH9580WF) product uses a touchscreen and remote access for maximum adaptability (check out its peak utility hours savings feature).


Price: $110 – $140

Emerson’s Sensi is a bestseller; it is sleek, reliable, and uses a free app from your smartphone to provide easy control.


Price: $90

The company’s Iris thermostat is affordable (if a bit underdesigned), backed by Lowe’s Home Improvement stores, and is part of the Iris system of home sensors and intelligent products.

Stand-Alone Thermostats

For a vacation home or single-story ranch, a standalone unit may be an economical choice.

Thermostats that scorn the internet are readily available, too, and most are under $30. Some brands to consider:

Hunter 44157

Price: $25

A 5-2 (weekday/weekend) programmable thermostat that’s ideal for replacing a broken one inexpensively.

White Rodgers P200

Price: $29

A 5-1-1 (weekday/separate Saturday and Sunday settings) thermostat that can be purchased from The Home Depot.

Honeywell RTHL2310B

Price: $20

A 5-2 with backlit screen thermostat that helps to see the settings at night when it’s dark.

ACE Home Services

If you are confused by the various features and price points of today’s modern, computer-connected thermostats, ACE Home Services can help. Our expert, friendly HVAC repairmen can work with you to select a thermostat that is right for your schedule, easy to program and reliable. Contact ACE Home Services at (602) 428-3341  today for all of your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs.

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