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The Complete Plumbing Inspection Guide

It can be nerve wracking, can’t it? You think you have a problem in your plumbing, but you don’t know what, who to call, or how it all works out. Maybe you just moved into a new place, and you want to take care of anything before it gets bad.  Regardless of the reason, here is what you can expect from the plumbing inspection process!

Plumber Inspection Costs & Guide from Call to Closure

So, you’ve noticed a problem in your plumbing. Maybe it isn’t even a problem but a symptom of one – the water pressure in your shower isn’t like it used to be or your water bill seems abnormally high month after month. Whatever the symptoms, it’s a mystery problem and the first step to fixing that is a proper diagnosis and that means a professional plumbing inspection!

First Step – Call for Help!

Find your local plumbing providers (if you’re in the Valley, you already know who to talk to ((Us, it’s us!))) and schedule a service! You will want to schedule a time where you are home, and the plumbers will have access to your home. So much of our plumbing systems are inside the home (go figure) and so a proper plumbing inspection will need to look at every fixture, appliance, and fitting. 

After you’ve scheduled the inspection, while you wait for your inspection date keep your eye out for any more problems. It’s just like a doctor, the more information you and your plumbers have available, the easier it will be to get an accurate diagnosis.

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Look for Leaks

The next step in any inspection is to do a Water Leak Test. Plumbers will inspect the common areas for potential leaks, such as appliances or fixtures. Every connection is looked at, from a dripping sink to a running toilet, any possible leak can help diagnose the problem.

Perceiving the Pressure

One of the potential causes for water leaks is overly high-water pressure. That water, pushing through at such a pressure will find any weakness in the line or connections to burst through! Our plumbers inspect the water pressure and what could be causing it to operate outside of a healthy range. Too low and appliances that use water won’t function correctly, too high it wants to shoot out of containment.

Check the Water Quality

In addition to looking for leaks, plumbers (at least us here at ACE) will test the water running in your home. We look for hard water, determine how much sediment build-up is there in your tap water. Like finding leaks, finding hard water or a lot of sediment build-up is a clear indicator of what’s wrong in your plumbing.

How’s The Water Heater?

Looking at a hot water heater is a crucial step in a comprehensive plumbing inspection! Roughly half of the water in your home runs through the water heater first, so if there’s a problem there it’s bound to cause big issues down the pipe! When looking at the water heater we’ll inspect to see if the wiring and plumbing connections are all functioning and safe. Flushing the water from the tank and clearing out sediment build-up is a part of a water heater health check-up.

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plumber inspecting water heater


Go Deep, Sewer Deep

A total plumbing inspection costs a good bit and isn’t complete without an inspection of the sewer pipes. Drain problems could be caused by any number of issues in the sewer pipes. And an ignored sewer issue can become a costly catastrophe in short order. There could be an obstruction, root intrusions, or even a collapsed line. To that end, ACE Home Services offers a free video inspection of sewer pipes to actually see what’s going on down there. Not every plumbing company offers this (in fact, most emergency plumbing companies will hit you with a bill for it before you even know what the problem is!) but we know it is just one piece of a crucial plumbing health inspection.

Depending on what our plumbers find in their inspection, it might be time to replace your hot water heater, maybe your sewer lines are old and need repair (it is amazing what tree roots can grow through!), or any other number of things!  The next steps could vary greatly, so we’ll leave it there for now.

Hopefully this blog has given you an idea of what you can expect from your upcoming plumbing inspection! Recognize any problems we mentioned? Want to get your sewer line looked at before it’s too late? Don’t wait, schedule your appointment now and ACE Home Services can be there as early as before the end of the day!

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