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Taking a Look at Your Commercial Air Conditioning

The thermometers don’t lie, we are fully into summer now! Despite that weird week in May (that was nice) we’ve been in the triple digits for some time and to combat that heat folks are spending more and more time indoors (not to mention all the other stuff going on). At home, it’s easy to have your AC just how you like it, but as people move back into the workplace it’s a critical time to take a look at your commercial air conditioning!

Commercial Air Conditioning

Air conditioning maintenance probably matters more to property managers and commercial building owners in Phoenix than in other major cities around the globe. Why? Well, because we reach temperatures unlike most other inhabitable places, that’s why! Our A/C units have to work incredibly hard than other, cooler places. Commercial air conditioning units are no different, in fact they are tasked with an even taller order: cool huge commercial spaces, for businesses or shops to keep clients, customers, and employees cool. That’s crucial to keep customers coming, and employees happy!

To ensure everything is working as it should, you need to put proper commercial air conditioning maintenance at the top of your list this summer!

Why Should I Worry About the AC?

Well, we mentioned it earlier, a functioning AC is critical for a business to operate as it should during the summer months here in Arizona. Without proper maintenance of your commercial air conditioner(s), you risk the chance of an outage and for many business owners, an outage equates to lost business and lost revenue. If you can’t keep your employees, customers, or clients comfortable in your office, retail store, or warehouse they won’t want to be there. Don’t risk this happening to you. 

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But maybe you mean that you’re not in control of the building you’re in. Maybe you rent out space and the property management takes care of all that. If that’s the case, you should be even more vigilant about the performance of your AC! Here’s why:

Property Management may not be on-site every day!

Often, property managers and management teams handle a bunch of different properties at once. Even if they are on-premises, they can’t be in every suite, every building, every room at the same time, and any of those locations can have problems with the AC. From lack of airflow, warm air, or anything in between. When you notice a problem, you bring it up to the property management before it gets any worse. In Arizona, AC is an essential need!

Ready to get to work on your business’s air conditioner? ACE Home Services knows the ins and outs of every unit out there. ACE Home Services has been serving the Valley for over 20 years, we know how critical working air conditioning is and have helped thousands of satisfied customers. Give us a call and we’ll get your AC tuned up and running great so you can focus on what’s important: your business! 


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