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3 A/C Problems That You Should Fix Immediately

 3 A/C Problems That You Should Fix Immediately If you notice an issue with your cooling system, or start hearing noises from your A/C, then you should take immediate action to avoid facing costly repairs or sudden breakdowns. The following are 3 common problems that occur with A/C systems. These problems signal that something with

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How to Find a Water Leak Underground

Your home’s plumbing system is made up of a complex network of pipes, some of which are underground. If your water bill has gone up, despite not increasing your water usage, you may have a leak. If you are not getting the adequate amount of water to some of your appliances, this may also indicate

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DIY: Find That Hidden Leak

The worst kind of plumbing leak is a hidden one. These are common and can result in severe damages and costly repairs. A pipe in the wall, or under the floor, can crack and begin to leak, slowly flooding your home without you even knowing. Your water bill will slowly go up while mold and

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How Early Water Leak Detection Can Save a Fortune

  An undetected water leak can spell disaster for homeowners. Finding the problem early can mitigate water leak damage, both to your home’s structure and to your wallet. A leak can be difficult to locate, especially in the early stages. Here’s what to look for when diagnosing a water leak under your home’s concrete slab

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