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Everything You Need to Know Before You Replace Your A/C Unit

Absolutely no one enjoys having to get things repaired or replaced. This is especially true for heating and cooling systems. More times than not, these units are located on top of your roof. That makes it extremely difficult to get to and figure out what the problem is. Only in recent years have heating and

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Common Problems with Older Air Conditioning Systems

How long have you had your air conditioner? The average lifespan of an A/C system in Arizona is about 15 years. If you have had your unit longer than this, and experience constant breakdowns and problems, then it may be time to replace your unit. 3 Common Issues That Occur with Older HVAC Systems Over

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Easy DIY Air Conditioner Repair

Problems with air conditioning units are common in Arizona, especially during the summer. If there seems to be something wrong with your unit, you may be able to fix it yourself! The following are a few steps that can help you fix your A/C, without costing you extra money for service fees. How To Repair

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