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Don’t Let Roots Damage Your CPVC Pipes!

Even the smallest of roots can result in big problems. Most homeowners don’t consider that their homes landscaping can pose certain threats to their plumbing system. Roots can grow and expand long distances underground, in search of water and nutrients. Often, these roots can find water from the water and sewer pipes that live under

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Dishes Piling Up? See the Average Cost to Install a Dishwasher

Americans bought more than seven million dishwashers in 2015, say the folks at Statista. As professionals, we hope all of those were installed by trained technicians. The average cost of professional dishwasher installation is very small compared to the risks of doing it yourself. Continue reading to see how much a pro’s install dishwasher cost

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5 Tips To Prevent Winter Plumbing Problems

Cold winter temperatures can spell disaster for pipes and plumbing. Prevent them with these few easy steps! 5 Ways to Prevent a Winter Plumbing Nightmare Follow these five tips to avoid a costly winter plumbing repair bill. 1. Insulate Your Pipes Insulating tape or foam sleeves can be used to protect hot and cold water

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