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How Much Do You Know About Circulator Pumps?

For many of us that are unfamiliar with plumbing terms, you may not be sure what a circulator pump is and what its purpose is. A circulator pump is a pump that is responsible for circulating gases or liquids in circuit systems. More often than not, these pumps are commonly used to circulate water in

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The Smallest A/C Units You Can Buy to Keep Your AZ Home Cool

Central air conditioning, a heat pump, or a split system air conditioner is a major investment. For many reasons, some people prefer smaller air conditioners. Sometimes you have just a small space you want to keep cool, without spending money to cool a larger area. Sometimes you know you will be moving and do not

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Should You Leave Your AC Unit Running When You Aren’t Home?

Ahh the age-old question: “should i turn my ac off when i’m not home?“, well fun fact leaving your AC on while you are away can actually save you money! Not only will this action keep your house at a comfortable temperature, but it can prevent potential problems from occurring in your home. All you have

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Why Do I Have A Noisy Air Conditioner – Solve Your Loud AC Issue

WHAT IS CAUSING MY AC UNIT TO MAKE NOISE? Your air conditioning unit keeps you from sweating in the heat and suffering through the long summer months. Without it, you’ll likely find yourself standing in front of the open refrigerator or trying to hop the fence to your neighbor’s pool just to get comfortable. When

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