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An air conditioner’s condenser is designed to take warm air from outside and cool it before delivering it to you via air ducts. There are many different types of condensers, but perhaps the most common one we tend to see in Arizona is an air cooled one. These units are stored outdoors and typically are

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3 Ways to Know if Your A/C Compressor is Failing

Air conditioning systems are complex machines that have intricate electrical wiring responsible for the various components required for each unit to perform properly. This being said, there are many different issues that can lead to malfunctions or breakdowns within A/C units that can prevent cold air blowing. One of the main components of your A/C

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Why Is My AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

The office staff members answering customer calls at ACE Home Services often check off this concern: “Why is my ac not blowing cold air?”, which gets our HVAC technicians in the truck and on their way. Among HVAC companies in Phoenix, this is the most frequent call for help. In the high heat of summer,

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Compressor HVAC Definition

Your HVAC system’s compressor is one of the most important components and without it, you won’t be enjoying cold or warm air during different times of year. Compressor HVAC Definition: The compressor pumps the unit’s refrigerant gas to a high pressure and temperature and uses the condensing coil, expansion valve, and evaporator coil to adjust

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