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Types of Air Conditioners: Which One is Right for You?

Homeowners can choose from many types of air conditioners to satisfy budget and cooling needs. From whole-house systems that require professional installation to room-size and window units that set up in minutes, the many different types of air conditioners give plenty of choices. Different Types of Air Conditioners You Can Buy If you plan on buying

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British Thermal Unit (BTU)

You’ve probably heard the term ‘BTU’ in the past but have you ever wondered what the acronym stands for? If so, it’s British thermal unit. This measurement is in reference to the amount of heat that’s needed to raise one pound of water at maximum density through one degree (Fahrenheit).

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What Exactly is a BTU & How Does that Apply to My New A/C Unit?

The heat from your stove and the warmth in your home are measured by units of heat known as the British Thermal Unit, commonly referred to as the BTU. This simple measurement is used to classify how much heat an appliance can generate. At its core, a BTU is the amount of energy required to

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