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Spring Cleaning Your HVAC

This March, the series continues! We are still talking about the different systems and appliances to include in your Spring Cleaning process. So far, we have mostly stuck to plumbing but there’s more than that you can do! Make Spring Cleaning your HVAC a priority this year and keep it’s maintenance in mind – it does so much for you, especially here in Arizona!

HVAC Cleaning This Spring

Cleaning Return Air Vents

As air flows through your system, dust and dirt will build up on your return air vents. First, use your vacuum with a hose attachment to easily suck up loose dust and debris particles. Then take a duster, or a cloth and wipe down those vents, clearing them up. You can either remove the vents or simply wipe them down while they are still attached. It’s that simple. Pay attention though, some of those grill spaces have tough to clean spots.

Clean Your Floor Registers

Not all homes have these but if yours does you want to pay close attention! Since these are located on the floor it is very easy for dirt, debris, pet hair, and even small items to get knocked into them. Vacuuming them regularly is a good start but it’s spring cleaning time! So let’s go deeper! Unscrew and remove the vent from the floor. Using soap, water, and a cloth or brush, clean off any dirt or grime clinging to it.

vacuuming out floor registers

Clean Your HVAC

HVACs tend not to get as much use during the winter as they do during the summer, making it the perfect time for debris to build up. Check the outside of your condenser unit and make sure it’s clear of anything restricting airflow. If you start turning on your HVAC and it’s blocked you will experience performance problems, restricted airflow, and your home just won’t be nearly as comfortable!

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To clean the unit, as always make sure the power is turned off! Use the outdoor shutoff switch or head to your home’s electrical panel and shut off power there. Vacuum the HVAC’s fins to remove debris from them. Use a soft brush attachment if you have  one and take a gentle approach! The fins are incredibly delicate and will bend easily if any force is exerted on them.

If your unit is on the ground, remove any debris or yard waste that is surrounding your unit and cut back the surrounding vegetation to prevent any more air problems from cropping up.

Dust, Sweep, and Mop

Believe it or not, doing these Spring Cleaning standards can drastically improve your HVAC system! All the dust around your home impacts your air quality in a big way. By staying on top of the dusting and cleaning you’ll keep it from getting pulled into your ducts and HVAC unit. 

What’s the number one, best thing you can do for your HVAC system this Spring? Schedule a professional cleaning!

A surprising amount of dirt and debris can accumulate in your home’s HVAC system. There’s the blower compartment, the ducts, the condenser and more – all of which can get dirty and impact your home’s indoor air quality. Call your local HVAC experts today and get your system ready for the year! 

That’s it for our Spring Cleaning blogs this month, come back next time and we will be back to our usual programming!

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