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Smarter House, Happier Household

We’ve talked about smart home devices before, but there’s still so much to discuss! This time on the ACE Home Services blog we’re going back to the future with even more Smart Home tech that makes your life easier, your home more comfortable, and saves you money!

Smart Home with ACE Home Services

The last time we talked about smart products we specifically were looking at some smart thermostats like the ones from Ecobee, they’re not the only brand of smart thermostats out there but they are the ones we think are the best. Not sure you need a smart thermostat? Here are some benefits of installing one!

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

  • Cut Energy Costs

Using your smart thermostat properly means you have total control over your heating and cooling. You can schedule your unit to run only when you need, kick on just before you arrive home and enjoy the perfect temp. Most users experience a savings of 10-15 percent on their energy bills, not too shabby.  Ecobee finds customers save 23 percent on combined heating and cooling costs! 

  • Convenience

The reason most things are getting smarter in the house, it just makes life easier! Being able to control your heating and cooling from a tap on a smartphone and easy programming (no more spinning arcane dials!) makes for effortless adjustments and supreme comfort.

  • Track Your Stats!

Are you a bit of a statistics nerd? Like optimizing just about everything? Well you’re gonna love the data a smart thermostat offers you! With data points like energy usage, average times, and more you can fine-tune and optimize your heating and cooling and thus benefit from the first point: cut energy costs.

  • Energy Credit!
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Some power companies will even give you a credit for implementing smart thermostats! SRP offers $75 (per thermostat!) for customers getting smart with their homes.

To find out more about the ones we recommend, check out our blog on Ecobee!

QuietCool a Smarter Solution

This one might not be ‘smart’ in the new sense of the term (full of circuits and gizmos) but it’s a smart upgrade that’s for sure. Another great product we love here at ACE is the QuietCool whole house fan. ‘Whole house fan’ may sound wild but just hold on a second, we’ll explain!

A whole house fan allows homeowners to leverage the cooler air outdoors when available. The energy-efficient system works by bringing cooler air from the outside to the inside, when used with open windows it creates cross breezes that cool the house quickly! QuietCool’s whole house fan is “whisper quiet,” as they like to say, allowing for the system to be used longer  Find out more about whole house fans here.

Why do people love QuietCool?

Saves on Energy Bills

• It supplements AC usage, allowing for customers to save up to 50% (they even say up to 90%) on their energy bills by using a more efficient fan and limiting the AC use to only the hottest parts of the day!

Silent, but Comfy

• Because it’s so quiet, it is easy to let the fan run for hours at a time, keeping your home comfy.

No Fuss Installation

•Okay, this one is probably why we love it the most. It’s so easy to install! The QuietCool unit is standard sized and fits in most attics with no extra fuss. 

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Quality, Industry Leading Warranty

•The fans all come with great warranties, should they need them, which makes them easy as all get out to recommend and install. We know they work and if for some reason they didn’t it gets taken care of, period.

Upgrading your home with either of these options will make your house work more efficiently, and most importantly cool. Want to know more? Give us a call, schedule a visit and ACE Home Services will help improve your home and keep it working right.

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