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Tips To Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

It may not get brutally cold living in Phoenix, but it gets cold enough to damage your pipes. A pipe can’t simply put on a winter jacket and drink a hot cup of coffee. Outdoor pipes, and pipes running through the unheated parts of your home like the attic or garage are the most susceptible to freezing. Here’s several steps you can take to prevent freezing and bursting pipes.

Insulated unheated areas:
Adding insulation to an unheated attic, basement or garage can prevent pipes from freezing.

Don’t use your thermostat as a piggy bank:
The few cents you’ll save, relatively speaking, by turning down your thermostat on freezing nights can cost you big later. Think of the pipes!

A drippy faucet isn’t always bad:
Letting a pipe drip slowly, when it’s in danger of freezing, can prevent the pipe from bursting. Letting it drip reduces pressure if it freezes.

Keep the garage door closed:
Keeping your garage door open is not only an open invitation to thieves, but it also puts your water heater pipes at risk! The garage is cold as it is, and leaving the garage door open only makes it worse.

Insulated water lines in unheated areas:
In addition to adding insulation to unheated areas, you should also insulate the water pipes running through these areas. You will find a large selection of products for this purpose.

Drain outdoor lines:
Draining sprinkler pipes, swimming pool lines and other outdoor lines will prevent pipes from freezing.

Turn off inside valves that supply outside hose bibs:
Open the hose bib to let it drain, after closing off the valves. Prevent the outdoor faucet from freezing and bursting by leaving it on.

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