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Maintenance Tips For Your A/C

Maintenance Tips for Your A/C

Performing regular maintenance service on your A/C is imperative to the health and
lifespan of your HVAC system. Scheduling seasonal tune-ups helps ensure the performance
of your unit, lower your energy costs, prevent costly breakdowns, extend the unit’s lifespan,
and ultimately save you energy and money. We highly suggest you hire a certified and
experienced technician to perform full tune-up on your A/C at least once a year. However,
the following are tips for homeowners that can be performed in between tune-ups to help
maintain your A/C unit.

DIY Maintenance Hacks


Here are some simple steps you can take to help maintain your A/C unit:

● First and foremost, safety! Make sure you disconnect the electricity to the unit before
you begin any work.
● Clean the outside unit by removing any leaves, sticks, or debris that has gathered.
● Rinse off your compressor with a garden hose.
● Regularly check and change A/C filters as needed, or according to the instructions of
the filter’s manufacturer.
● Regularly check the fan belt tension and check for any cracks and leaks from hoses.

Call For Backup



If you ever feel uncomfortable performing any of the following actions above, simply
call your neighborhood HVAC technician to assist you. Not only will they ensure a full and
effective inspection, they are trained to safely work with the electrical and chemical aspects
in HVAC systems. They can clean the internal components of your A/C, while updating your
refrigerant levels and inspecting your system for potential threats or hidden issues. They can
also provide you with a full report and any recommended repairs that can help ensure your
A/C’s performance throughout the summer. Stay prepared by mailing your A/C unit!

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