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Keeping the Plumbing Clear During Parties

This is the time of year where you typically have a lot of people over to your home. There is Christmas, New Years, and the Superbowl. We all celebrate something during the months of December and January. Having so many people over to your home can potentially cause plumbing problems in your home, such as a clogged drain. These problems can be a problem and a hassle to deal with when you have a house full of people. Thankfully there are companies like ACE Home Services that employ people known as a plumbing contractor. These companies will come out to your home and get your plumbing system working again.

How to Prevent the Need to Call a Plumber

There are several things you can do to prevent clogs and the need to call a plumbing contractor out to your home. Following just a few of these tips can significantly reduce the chances of you having a plumbing issue during one of your parties. The first thing you can do is to make sure that your drains stay clear. This means that you avoid pouring grease, oil, food products, and many other things down your kitchen and bathroom sinks. These items can get caught in the pipes and cause a clog. This is obviously not very helpful to the general mood of your party. To prevent clogs from happening make sure that plates get scraped off into the garbage, or just use paper plates. Also, make sure that your cooking pots and pans are scraped clean.

Keep Non-Flushables Away From the Toilet

Another tip to prevent plumbing issues is to make sure that non-flushable items are not flushed into your toilets. This can cause serious problems and I am sure that we have all heard horror stories about things that have clogged in the toilet. Some of the non-flushables include cleaning wipes, diapers, dental floss and so much more. If there are little kids at these parties they may try to flush toys and keys down the toilet. To prevent any of this from happening make sure that there is a garbage can in your bathrooms, and also make sure that someone accompanies the younger children to the bathroom. Having a clogged toilet can really create problems on a normal day in your home, never mind if you are throwing a party or having people over.

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Fix Known Plumbing Issues Before the Party

The last tip to not having to worry about your plumbing during a party is to make sure that all of your plumbing fixtures are working properly in the days leading up to your get-together. This could mean flushing all of the toilets in your home and listening for abnormalities as well as making sure that your drains are completely clear before anyone comes over. This can really help prevent any big problems.

Contact ACE Home Services for All Phoenix Area Plumbing Needs

If you are having plumbing issues or have questions, call ACE Home Services at (602) 428-3341  and talk to a plumbing contractor today. They can help you over the phone or even come to your home to better assess the issue. The plumbing contractor’s serve people throughout Phoenix, so your home is not too out of the way. So call today!

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