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How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Clean & Blowing Cold Air

ACE Home Services - 10 Quick Tips for Air Conditioning in Phoenix Summer Months: ductwork

Our air conditioning systems are what help keep us cool and comfortable in our homes. In Phoenix we do not have many cool days and our air conditioners are running a lot. We also experience monsoons throughout the summer time. This can cause a lot of damage and harm to your air conditioning system. It can also increase your need for A/C repair. There are companies, like ACE Home Services that can help you with any repair needs you may have.


There are two things you can do to make sure that you keep your air conditioner running at full capacity. The first is to get your ducts cleaned every now and then. Every home that has a central heating and cooling system will have air ducts throughout their home.

These air ducts are what help move air throughout your home. The transfer of this air is what keeps you and your family comfortable year round. The heating and cooling systems in Arizona are exposed to much more than systems in other states. This is because of the monsoons as mentioned above. Dirt, dust, debris, allergens and more can get into our air conditioning system. This then leads to all of it getting placed in the air ducts in your home. It lowers the air quality of your home as well as making it harder to transfer air throughout your home. Thankfully there is a way to fix this issue.


To keep your air ducts clean, you should have professionals come in and clean them for you. ACE Home Services is one of the companies in Phoenix that provides this particular service. Their technicians ill remove the air duct vents that are all around your home. They then brush and vacuum the ducts and the return. This removes a lot of the dust that may be present. The next step is to use a rotor brush machine which goes into the ducts and gets rid of the dirt that may be deep in your ducts. The technicians will finish up with a disinfectant spray that will kill allergens and bacteria. Make sure you have a professional come do this for you because if you attempt to do it yourself the warranty on your heating and cooling system may become void.

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The other thing you can do to keep you air conditioner clean is to get a yearly tune up on your heating and cooling system. This may seem like an unnecessary cost, but it will actually reduce your need for A/C repairs. Technicians will examine every inch or your air conditioning system to make sure that everything is running like it should be. These technicians will check the motors and coils within your system. They will also look at the thermostat. It is a comprehensive check up to prevent any A/C repairs.


So if you find yourself needing A/C repairs or want to get a tune up give ACE a call. They will come out to your home and help you out.

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