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Is Your Air Conditioner Properly Maintained?

Proper maintenance of your air conditioner is vital to the health and performance of your A/C system. Performing regular maintenance can help reduce your energy costs, prevent breakdowns, and save you the hassle of enduring the Phoenix heat with no A/C.

How To Properly Maintain Your A/C

Summers in Phoenix average daily temperatures in the triple digits, which means you air conditioner is working overtime. Avoid the heat and sudden breakdowns by following these suggestions:

Change Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter can cause your A/C to work overtime, taking longer to cool your home and affecting the indoor air quality. Dirty filters also block air flow, creating differences in air pressure that can breakdown your system and require costly repairs. We suggest changing your air filter every month during seasons of high use. In off seasons, we suggest changing your filter every couple of months to help sustain the performance of your A/C.

Change air filters in your home at least once a month in the Phoenix Metro Area from Ace Home Services


Check Your Outside Unit

Your cooling system has a unit outside that is responsible for bringing in air, cooling it, and delivering it to the indoor system to circulate the air throughout your home. If there is debris blocking the unit, it effects it performance and efficiency. The same goes for dirty coils. Simply remove the debris and rinse off dirt with a garden hose. This can help save you money and reduce energy costs.

AACE Home Services Check Outside Unit


Schedule Annual Spring Tune-Ups

Call ACE Home Services today to schedule a Spring Tune-Up, helping ensure that your A/C is ready for summer. Check out our Tune-Up page to learn more about the steps our certified technicians perform in a tune-up. Let ACE help you keep your A/C running smoothly and efficiently, throughout that whole summer. Annual tune-ups can help increase your unit’s energy-efficiency, lifespan, performance, and prevent costly repairs. Call today, day or night, and find out how ACE can help you!

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