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Is It Time for a New Sump Pump?

Your sump pump is a crucial part of your home’s plumbing system. Unlike other components in your system that bring you water, your sump pump is responsible for keeping water away. It prevents flooding from storm waters and keeps your basement dry. The pump is located in your basement, and may be completely hidden from sight, causing many homeowners to forget about it. If your sump pump malfunctions, it can result in unexpected flooding and costly damages. Keep reading to learn how you can make sure your pump is in top condition and avoid future problems.

Avoiding Floods and Water Damage

Your home has a sump pump in order to avoid flooding from causing any issues. The pump works around the clock to collect excess water and direct it away from your home. Flooding may be the most damaging disaster that can hit your home. It can ruin floors, upholstery, woodwork, electrical systems, and much more. It threatens your home to mold and mildew, and creates long-term effects than are costly and inconvenient. When faced with an unexpected flood or emergency, apply the following tips and avoid having to replace your sump pump:

Tip #1: Listen

When your sump pump begins to collect water, there should be a distinct humming noise. It’s important to recognize this noise and listen for changes in the sound of the motor. If you visually see water in the sump, and it is not making any noise, then your pump may have stopped working.

Tip #2: Watch

Keep an eye out for the water level in the sump basin. If you can see that water has reached the top of the basin, or is overflowing and flooding, then you should immediately take action to fix the pump. Waiting can cause extensive water damage and create more issues than just a broken sump pump.

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Tip #3: Count

How long have you had your sump pump? If you can count more than ten years, then it may be time to upgrade or replace your sump pump. There are many different models and makes of pumps on the market, that feature different abilities and power. Consult a home services professional who is familiar with your plumbing system to see which kind of pump will be the most effective for your home.

Need Help?

For any and all your questions about your sump pump and home, call ACE Home Services. We are available, even in emergencies! We have live representatives standing by, ready to assist you!

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