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How to Snake a Drain like a Pro

Stubborn clogs can require more a more aggressive approach than can typically be done with drain cleaners or plungers. If you’ve run into a clog that doesn’t seem to want to move, your best hope could be a drain auger, also called a “snake.”

Everything You Need to Know About Snaking a Drain

Below is everything you’re going to need to know about how to operate a drain snake.

demonstration of how to properly snake a drain

What’s a Snake?

Snakes are basically a quarter-inch spiral metal coil that’s specially made to fit down drains and go deep into pipes. Snakes are coiled into a drum and have a handle on one end. They’re meant to be pushed into the pipe and through the clog. When the handle is turned, the snake rotates (like an auger) and pushes through clogs that otherwise might be impossible to remove.

Where Can I Get One?

Most tool rental centers have snakes for rent. They’re also available at home stores and where specialty plumbing tools are sold. They come in manually-operated and electric styles, but can be difficult to operate. If you are uncomfortable doing so, it’s best to call in the professionals like ACE Home Services.

How To Operate A Drain Snake

If you do want to give it a go yourself, the snake should be carefully fed into the clogged pipe. It will have to be pushed a bit to get around sharp bends like a sink P-trap or the U-bend in a toilet. This should be done carefully, but with enough force to get around corners without damaging the pipes or fixtures.

It’s important to keep pushing the snake and turning the handle until you get through the bend and to the clog. Once the snake has reached the clog, keep turning the handle and applying pressure until the snake chews through the clog.

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If you can’t get the snake to advance through the clog, reverse it and pull it out of the pipe; the clog may well come with it. Once the pipe is clear, flush it with running water to ensure the clog is completely gone.

Clearing Drain Clogs

Drain augers may be your best bet when it comes to severe clogs, but they can be tricky to use and may cause damage if used improperly. At ACE Home Services, we have a team of experienced technicians standing by to help you get rid of your worst clogs and get everything flowing freely again.

Snake Not Working? Contact the Pros at ACE Home Services

If you were ever wondering, “How much does it cost to snake a drain?” give us a call. We’ve been clearing clogged drains in the Phoenix area for over two decades. Contact us at (602) 428-3341  to take care of your clogged drains today!

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