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How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

Heating your home when it’s not properly winterized can mean that you’re wasting a lot of money. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to drastically reduce drafts, cold spots, and other winter weather problems. Not only will you save on heating bills, you’ll also save on electricity, resulting in winter money savings.

7 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your heating bill, we’re pretty sure one or more of these suggestions will do it.

ACE Home Services - Reasons to Have Your Furnace Tuned Up Annually: Save Money

#1 Inspect and Replace Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is essential for sealing cracks around doorways and windows. Check the weather stripping in your home and replace it if necessary. The task is usually fairly simple – just remove the old stripping and install the new stripping in its place.

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#2 Seal Small Cracks with Caulk

Small cracks in the drywall around doors and windows can be easily sealed with caulk. This effectively eliminates tiny cracks where cold air can seep in and make your home colder and your furnace work harder.

ACE Home Services - Should I Close My Air Vents or Leave Them Open? - Build Up Air Pressure

#3 Install Barrier Film

Plastic film can be easily installed to create a barrier over windows and sliding glass doors. The film is inexpensive and transparent, and can reduce your heating bill by more than 10%.

ACE Home Services: How to Save Money on Heating Bill - Insulate Electrical Outlets

#4 Winterize Electrical Outlets

Your electrical outlets are likely the source of some pretty big drafts because they may lack proper insulation. Fortunately, caulk can help remedy the problem, as can foam gaskets made especially for this purpose. Install these foam gaskets and fill in cracks with caulk to reduce air flow.

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ACE Home Services: How to Save Money on Heating Bill - Fix Ductwork Leaks

#5 Find and Fix Ductwork Leaks

As much as 30% of the heat your furnace produces may be lost through leaky and improperly-connected ductwork. Look at the visible ductwork in your attic and repair any obvious problems. It’s also important to call one of our ACE Home Services professionals to complete a more thorough inspection, as much of your home’s ductwork may be largely inaccessible to you.

ACE Home Services: How to Save Money on Heating Bill - Digital Thermostat

#6 Upgrade the Thermostat

Programmable digital thermostats can help you save on heating costs when used correctly. By increasing and decreasing the temperature in your house automatically depending on when it is occupied, your heater can work less when there’s no one home. This can save you 10% or more on power bills.

ACE Home Services: How to Save Money on Heating Bill - Get HVAC Tune Up

#7 Get a Tune Up

It’s a good idea to call the professionals like ACE Home Services to get an HVAC heating system tune-up before pressing the unit into service during the winter months. A professional tune up ensures that all components of your heating system are in good working order and if anything needs to be replaced, it can often be done on the spot.

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