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How to Prepare Your Central Air Conditioner for Summer

Summers in the Phoenix area can brutal. With daily temperatures reaching as high as 120°F, having a working A/C is crucial to your comfort, and safety. Make sure your A/C is ready for the Arizona heat before summer rolls around, helping you avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly energy bills. Keep reading to learn about different ways you can prepare your central air condition for another scorching summer in Phoenix.

4 Ways You Can Prepare You A/C System for Summer

Here are the four best ways to prepare your A/C for summertime.

Change Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter can damage your unit and block cool air from flowing into your home. Even worse, dirty filters prevent air from reaching the evaporator coil, causing it to ice over and shut down your whole A/C unit. It’s important to change your filter regularly, about every six months, or as needed. Check out our other help guides on air filters to learn more about a dirty filter can hurt your home and your wallet.

Keep Your Vents Open

There is a common misconception that closing air vents in rooms you don’t use will redirect cool air to rooms that you do use, ultimately reducing your energy costs and saving you money. THIS IS FALSE. Closing vents creates issues with air pressure, causing leaks in your ducts and pushing your air conditioning unit to work harder as it compensates for these problems. This actually raises your energy consumption, resulting in higher electric bills. Disrupted airflow can have the same effect on your evaporator coil that a dirty filter can, causing your unit to breakdown. Avoid extra costs by keeping your vents open.

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Keep Your Outside Unit Clean

If your outside unit is dirty, or blocked by debris, it can affect its ability to release heat and return cool air to your home. Your inside unit absorbs heat using refrigerant, in which it transfers the refrigerant to the outside unit to cool down. If your outside unit is dirty, it will cause your air conditioning system to work overtime and make it more difficult to cool your home. Cleaning your outside unit is simple! Just gently spray it down with a hose or other water source, removing any excess dirt from its surface.

Schedule a Tune-Up with ACE

The best way to prepare your A/C for summer is to schedule a professional maintenance service with ACE! Our 20 Plus-Point Tune-up assesses every aspect of your unit, including refrigerant top-offs and coil cleaning. Make sure your unit is ready for summer, and avoid costly breakdowns, with ACE Home Services.

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