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How To Prep Your Plumbing System for Summer Vacation

Whether you are going on a weekend getaway, or planning a long summer vacation, you should make sure your home is taken care of. Outside of programming the thermostat and scheduling someone to get your mail and water the plants, there are a few steps you should take before you leave to prep your plumbing system for your absence. These steps can help keep your home in top condition for when you return, preventing any unexpected issues from occurring or leaving you with an unwanted surprise when you return.

Avoid Water Damages

Although the odds of a pipe springing a leak in a well maintained home are low, you can shut off your water supply to give your home an extra layer of security. The shutoff valve for your water supply is usually located next to the water meter, and can be turned off by hand or by using a wrench. If you cannot locate your home’s shutoff valve, then you can call a plumber for assistance. It’s important to know where this valve is anyways, just in case you find yourself in the face of an emergency. By knowing where your shutoff valve is, you can potentially save yourself time and money when faced with a flood or unexpected plumbing issue.

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Save Money by Saving Energy

One bonus about leaving for vacation is that you know you will be saving energy while your home is unoccupied, which means money back in your pocket! You electric, and water bill, will thank you! This being said, there are additional steps you can take to save even more:

  • Shut off you automatic ice maker, if you have one, to save water and energy
  • Turn off your water softening system to conserve energy and save water softening salt
  • Turn off your hot water heater by turning it off via the the main breaker panel
  • If your hot water heater has a “vacation” setting, use it!
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If you have any questions, or need help preparing your home for vacation, be sure to call your friends at ACE Home Services! We will send a plumber and help you prep your home, so you can can enjoy your vacation without worrying about a thing. Get a professional service call by dialing (602) 428-3341  today.

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