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How To Fix A Squeaky Faucet

Does your faucet make noises when turned on? Although you only use your faucet periodically throughout the day, a noisy faucet can become a nuisance. Noisy faucets can be a relatively easy fix, in which you may be able to repair the issue yourself, without paying for a plumber to come out and service your home.

4 Ways on How To Fix a Noisy Faucet

    1. Check your faucet’s aerator.

Here’s why your faucet makes a noise when turned on, over time, minerals from water can deposit in the aerator and build up on the screen located in the tip of the faucet. Fortunately, this is a very simple fix! All you have to do is unscrew the aerator and run water through the faucet. If you no longer hear any noise, then you solved the problem! Simply buy a new aerator and screw it back on the tip of the faucet to complete this fix.

    1. Check your faucet’s washers.

The washers in your faucet can become worn out, or even be the wrong size. This is a common reason for noisy faucets and require you to replace the washers with new, properly sized ones. To replace an old washer, simply turn off the water supply and take your faucet apart. Once you have the handles removed, you can swap the old washers with the new ones. Then, replace the faucet and test it to see if the the water flows quietly and seamlessly. If you still hear noises, then the washers were not the source of the problem.

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    1. Check your water pressure.

If you ever found yourself asking “why does my faucet make noises when turned on?” Some of the strange noises coming from your faucet may be because your water pressure is too high. You can test this by using a pressure gauge. If the gauge reads over 80 psi, then it may be the cause of your noisy faucet. We suggest installing a pressure regulator on your main water supply, which will help protect all of the plumbing and appliances in your home.

    1. Check your overall plumbing system.

In older homes, plumbing systems can become worn down and outdated. A noisy faucet may be due to pipes being too small, debris accumulating, or a number of other reasons. This step is the most difficult, because it will require a professional plumber who is certified to tackle a job of this caliber. If you have checked out all other aspects of your faucet, and still are hearing noises, then it maybe be time to call the experts.

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plumber diagnosing loud noise from kitchen sink giving tips on how to fix a squeaky faucet

Call in the Experts on How To Fix A Squeaky Faucet

If you are unsure about how to fix a squeaky faucet or how to perform any of the following, or have questions for a professional, then ACE Home Services is here for you! Click here to schedule a service call and will work with you to help solve your problem and get your home back in its best condition.

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