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How To Clean Your Sump Pump

Your sump pump serves an important purpose when it comes to keeping your home dry. Its job is to remove any excess water that has accumulated in the sump basin, which is usually found in your basement. Sump pumps help deal with basement flooding and excess water in homes. It’s important to perform periodic checks on your sump pump, keeping up with its maintenance and cleaning. A dirty sump pump can malfunction and results in a flooded basement and costly repairs.

Dirty Sump Pump Test

One way to quickly check the health of your sump pump is a simple visual inspection. Check the area around the pump to make sure no water has accumulated. To test it, pour a bucket of water in the sump it. If the pump starts automatically, then it’s working correctly! Even during periods of dry weather, it’s important to check on your pump every couple of weeks.


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Cleaning Your Sump Pump

Your sump pump has a filter on it that is responsible for screening dirt and debris. Over time, waste can accumulate and clog the filter, causing the pump to shut off and water to pool in your basement. If you notice this problem occurring, you should take immediate action and thoroughly clean your pump.

First, wipe down the filter and unplug the pump. Take it outside, with the drain line, and disconnect the line from the pump. Use a hose to rinse out any dirt or debris. Then, rinse the entire pump out with water.

Next, carefully clean the entire sump pit and make sure there is not dirt or debris remaining. You want to make sure there isn’t anything that can clog the drain line or block the flow of water.

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Finally, reconnect the pump and pour a bucket of water into the pipe to make sure that the entire system is working properly.


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Pay Attention and Ask for Help

On average, the lifespan of a sump pump is around seven years. Regular maintenance of your sump pump can help avoid unexpected problems and extend the life of your current unit. If your pump is showing any signs of damage or system failure, it’s imperative to replace it as soon as possible. Fortunately, ACE Home Services offers Phoenix, Arizona’s best plumbing services. Call today and let us help you!

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