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How Much Is The Cost Of A Furnace Tune-Up in Phoenix?

Paying for a heating tune-up early in the season is a lot cheaper than paying for an emergency call in the dead of winter. Still, you want to know your money is being well spent and knowing the cost ahead of time can help you tame your monthly budget. How much is the average cost of a furnace tune-up, and what does it include?

What’s the Average Cost for a Furnace Tune-Up in AZ?

ACE Home Services - How Much Money Does the Average Furnace Tune Up Cost? - National Repair Costs

Pegging an average cost for anything across a country as big as ours is difficult, but the experts at say most homeowners can expect to pay around $262 for a heater tune up. This is a little deceptive, though, because costs can range from a miserly $53 to a painful $800.

Your best strategy is to call ahead to discuss the possible costs. Most reliable HVAC contractors will not give you a firm price over the phone because their technicians have not seen your furnace. Some people keep their furnaces well maintained; others neglect them. A tune-up on a properly serviced unit will take much less time than a tune-up on a badly maintained system.

Good HVAC companies will avoid “upselling” you once the technician is on site because keeping a loyal customer outweighs fleecing a one-time customer. This means you can anticipate a set list of items, and you can plan on knowing how efficient your system is once the heating tune-up is complete.

What a Tune-Up Involves

Furnaces vary by both size and heating method, so a single list cannot be comprehensive. For a modern, natural-gas furnace heating a 2,467-square-foot home, (the national average home size) this might be what the technician will do:

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  • Check thermostat operation and settings
  • Inspect the plenum and ductwork
  • Inspect for duct leaks
  • Check the blower motor and motor run capacitor
  • Inspect the blower wheel
  • Check, trip and reset safeties
  • Check electrical wiring and connections
  • Calculate operating efficiency
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Clean or replace the air filter

Your particular furnace may require more or less work than the list provided here. Discuss with your service technician exactly what your home’s heating system needs.

ACE Home Services

Once you realize the value of a routine furnace tune-up, trust your furnace to the trained professionals at ACE Home Services. Contact us today at (602) 428-3341 to learn about our annual maintenance programs, service specials and appointment times.

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