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How Much Does Bathroom Remodeling Cost in Phoenix?

The price of your bathroom remodel depends almost entirely on how many high-cost items you’ll be replacing, as well as how much you’re being charged for labor on the project. A remodel that focuses on touching up paint and changing the faucet fixtures won’t be nearly as costly as one that features a new tub, sink, toilet, fixtures, tile, and a shower. At the end of the day, you have complete control over how much you spend, but what’s the ballpark for your project? How can you figure the cost and stick to your budget, while still getting the amenities you crave? Here are some tips on figuring the cost for your bathroom remodel in Phoenix and we’ve included a bathroom remodel calculator below.


ACE Home Services - House Remodeling Calculator

How to Determine Bathroom Remodeling Costs

The following information will help to guide you in determining how much your new bathroom remodel will actually set you back.

Define Your Goals

It’s very important to know what you want before you actually start the project. Bathroom remodel costs vary greatly depending on how much remodeling you’re planning to do. For instance, a mid-range remodel includes a new tub and tile shower surround, new toilet, new medicine cabinet (typically recessed), new sink and vanity (often a double sink), new floor tiles, wallpaper, and new faucet fixtures. This type of remodel can easily cost $10,000 or more, although your costs may vary depending on the quality of your fixtures and other factors. For larger remodels that include increasing the size of the room, it’s not uncommon to see a price tag of $25,000 or more. Knowing your end goal is essential to budgeting for and controlling these costs.

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Prepare to Compromise

Every homeowner has dreams of the perfect bathroom, but costs often force compromise in some areas. You may have your eye on one of those phenomenal glass vessel sinks, but unless you have the money, you may have to compromise. Will it be the toilet with the heated seat, or the multi-jet shower that looks like heaven? Decide what’s really important to you and compromise on less important features. If you’d rather spend $3,000 on your shower than on your toilet, keep that in mind when it’s time to pick fixtures.

Choosing a Contractor

Your bathroom remodel will probably be much less stressful if you know you can trust your contractor to provide excellent service, great craftsmanship and fair pricing. At Ace Home Services, our professionals are always standing by. We’ve been helping Phoenix residents stick to their bathroom makeover budget for over two decades. Contact us today for your free estimate!

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