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How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

When your furnace stops working like it should, you need to ask some important questions, such as, “How much does a new furnace cost?” and “How much does new furnace installation cost?”

Considerations When Buying a New Furnace

You may also rightly wonder how to determine the furnace size that’s right for heating your home. Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a new furnace in the Phoenix area.

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Square Footage Matters (As Do Other Things)

The size of your home is an important consideration when choosing a new heater. How your house is laid out is also important, as is room size, the climate, how your home is oriented in relation to the sun, and much more.

Homes that have a large, open floorplan will require a different heater than will a home with the same square footage, but with a more compartmentalized floorplan. Whether or not the living areas in your home are facing south will also impact your needs, as will how the house is constructed and insulated. Even landscaping can make a difference. Choosing a heating unit that’s the right size is about much more than just square footage.

Making a Rough Estimate

You may be able to get a fairly accurate idea of what size unit you need by knowing a few pieces of information and making a rough estimate. You’ll need to know:

  • Your general winter climate
  • Your home’s square footage
  • The size and efficiency of the current unit

A common standard used in calculating general size is that the heater should provide about 25 or 30 BTUs (British Thermal Units, a measure of heat production) per square foot for homes in moderate or warm climates, like the Valley of the Sun.

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This means that a 2,500 square-foot home would require an efficient unit capable of producing between 62,500 to 75,000 BTUs, or a less-efficient one with a correspondingly higher BTU rating. Depending on whether you choose a natural gas unit, one that operates on propane, or an electric model, you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $8,000 on average for the unit and installation.

ACE Home Services

At ACE Home Services, we’ve been assisting Phoenix residents in finding the right heat source for their homes for over two decades. Choosing the right furnace can be difficult, but our experienced technicians are ready to help you, no matter how large or small your home. Whether you need some small repairs or a whole new system, we’re standing by to help now. Contact us today at (602) 428-3341 .

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