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How Much Do You Know About Circulator Pumps?

For many of us that are unfamiliar with plumbing terms, you may not be sure what a circulator pump is and what its purpose is. A circulator pump is a pump that is responsible for circulating gases or liquids in circuit systems. More often than not, these pumps are commonly used to circulate water in cooling systems or hydronic heating units. Circulators are supposed to move heated liquid to the radiator from the boiler, while returning cool water back to the beginning of the circuit to be heated again.

Different Types of Circulator Pumps

There are various kinds of circulator pumps out there, even though the majority of them have the same function. For example, there are:

  • Bronze sweat end pumps
  • Stainless steel/bronze pumps
  • Cast iron pumps
  • Pre-wired pumps
  • In-line pumps

Circulator pumps also vary based on features. Horsepower, flow range, head range, motor type, and temperature ranges are all factors.


ACE Home Services Circulator Pumps

Replacing the Pump

If you find yourself in need of a new circulator pump, there is some things you should know. First, before you removed the old pump, make sure the boiler and the electricity source for the pump is turned off. Then, remove the terminal cover on the pump and use a meter-reader to check the voltage at the terminals. Before proceeding, verify that the voltage is at zero. Then, you may remove the electrical wires and vent plug. This step may cause water to spill, so be sure to have a towel on hand. Finally, you can remove the nuts to release the pump. Then, to install a new pump, make sure the position is in the proper orientation and follow instructions for installation.

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Safety First!

If you feel at all uncomfortable about installing a new circulator pump, call your friends at ACE Home Services! We will send an experienced and certified technican to your property, helping you properly install the pump and ensure its performance. Contact us today by calling (602) 428-3341 and ask about scheduling a service call!

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