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How Long Should It Take to Cool My House Down With a Central AC?

Ever wonder…” How long does central air take to cool a house?” There are a few factors that affect the amount of time it takes for a central A/C system to cool down an entire home. Without inspecting your unit, it is hard to determine exactly how long it should take your a/c to cool the house.

Factors Effecting How Long it Takes Air Conditioning to Cool Your Home

The following are common factors that can affect your cooling system’s ability to do do its job:

  1. The size of your home
  2. The indoor temperature before you turn on your unit
  3. The outdoor temperatures and weather
  4. Your home’s level of insulation
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Beat The Heat in Arizona

During the summers, temperatures in Phoenix can rocket to 120 degrees. Most units are not built to withstand this type of heat. A/C systems are generally designed to operate at “design temperatures” based on their respective geographical area. These temperatures are calculated by the average high and low temperatures that the area experiences for 99 percent of the year (determined by ASHRAE engineers).

Phoenix’s design temperatures range from about 37-108 degrees. When outdoor temperatures exceed this range, your A/C works overtime to compensate for the change. On the plus side, if your A/C doesn’t reach its set temperature and is constantly running, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is broken or needs replacing! As long as you set your thermostat within a reasonable range (two-four degrees) from your set temperature, your unit should function properly. To help keep your home cool and prevent your a/c unit from overworking, our experts at ACE suggest you keep your home well insulated. Even closing curtains and shading windows can help you beat the scorching heat this summer!

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guy wondering why ac taking long to cool

Heat Isn’t The Issue?

There are many other factors to consider if your A/C unit isn’t cooling properly, such as debris, dirt, age, and maintenance history. Although Phoenix’s high summer temperatures can easily affect your unit’s performance, the heat may not be the issue.

ACE Home Services - How Long Does it Take to Cool a House with AC? - Refrigerant


Your cooling system relies on a liquid called “refrigerant” to absorb the heat in your home and keep your space cool. If your refrigerant levels are low, this may explain why your A/C isn’t cooling your home. Sometimes, your unit may just have a leak. This is an easy fix, in which you can contact one of ACE’s friendly representative and schedule an appointment for a technician to locate and repair the leak, returning your unit to its optimal condition!

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Air Filters

Refrigerant isn’t the issue? Then it may be time to check your air filter! Air filters can become caked with dirt and pollutants over time, affecting the quality and volume of air that passes through your cooling system. This can also cause changes in air pressure, leading to further complications. Our team at ACE suggests that you replace your air filter every six to twelve months, or as needed. This will help your system to cool down your home and preserve air quality.

ACE Home Services - How Long Does it Take to Cool a House with AC? - Size of Unit

Size of Your A/C Unit

Air filter isn’t the issue? Then it may be time to reconsider the size of your unit. If you have a large and spatial home, a small A/C unit may not be the best fit for your house. Smaller units work overtime and struggle to keep larger spaces cool. Call ACE’s friendly staff today and ask about our free estimates for new installations! We will send one of our expert technicians to you home to give you an honest, comprehensive assessment and recommendation.

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Change Air Filter

Ductwork Leaks

If your ductwork has leaks in it, you may be losing up to 30 percent of your cool air. Cool air can escape in areas that are unconditioned, such as your attic and basement. This means your unit will take longer as it tries to cool your home and compensate for the loss of cool air. Even on days with mild weather, leaks in your ductwork can affect the efficiency of your cooling unit and raise energy costs. Schedule an ventilation and ductwork inspection with ACE today to help locate the problem and find a solution. Having your air ducts cleaned regularly can make a difference too.

Unsure What The Issue Is? Call The Best Heating And Cooling Company In Phoenix!

ACE Home Services is a local heating and cooling company located in phoenix here to help you figure out why your home is taking so long to cool and detect any issues with your A/C unit. Contact us today at (602) 428-3341  to schedule an appointment for an inspection.

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