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How Do Solar Panels Work Exactly?

One of the services we are most excited about offering here at ACE Home Services are installing solar panels. Solar panels are a great power option for so many people for so many reasons but one of the most common questions we come up against is a lack of understanding. How do solar panels work? How do you get electricity from the sun? If you have ever wondered how solar panels work, keep on reading!

How Do Solar Panels Work? Simple Version

So, you really wanna know how do solar panels work? To put it really simply, a solar panel works by allowing light (photons) to pass through a panel and knock electrons free from atoms which in turn produces an electric charge. Okay, that might be said in the fewest words, but it is far from simple. Let’s dive into it a bit deeper.

Solar panels are the simple name for photovoltaic modules, the collection of connected cells that when working in tandem generate electricity through sunlight. Photovoltaics are the conversion of light (photo) into electricity (volts). On the smallest scale it is an individual solar cell, which is grouped together into a single module, modules are then grouped into a panel. 

As sunlight hits the panels, the solar cells absorb the light as it is a form of energy. This energy allows the electrons in the cells to flow, creating an electrical current. The wiring then captures the electric current and combines it with other flows from the other power cells. This energy is then moved from the solar panels on your roof (or what have you) into either storage batteries or into the power grid your home is connected to.

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That’s it! If you want to know more about the precise science of solar, you can look up the photovoltaics and find out more about this science that is hundreds of years old!

How Will Solar Panels Work For Me?

So, we touched on how the actual mechanism of the solar panels work to generate electricity, but you might be curious how they will work for you and your home.

  1. First get an estimate for your home’s solar power needs and potential.
  2. Solar panels are installed to maximize the amount of solar energy generated.
  3. Speak with your power company to get set up with their solar panel program.
  4. Start generating clean energy!

Solar panels typically require very little maintenance and last 25 – 30 years easy! Just wash them clean of dirt and grim a few times a year, using a simple garden hose, and you’ll be in business!

Check to see if your local, state, or federal government offer any tax credits. In Arizona the current credit (as of 2020) is 26% but that may change in the future!

If you are interested in solar, there has never been a better time to invest in it. Panels are becoming cheaper to produce, way more efficient, making the overall cost for solar panels much more affordable – not just looking at the dollar amount.

Ready to go solar? Give us a call at ACE Home Services today! Get a free solar estimate, save hundreds on your power bill, and help the climate with a sustainable, renewable energy source! 

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