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Historic Homes: How Plumbing Can Cause Major Damage

When hunting for a new home, some homeowners look to purchase a historic home, enjoying the architecture and unique features that are uncommon to modern construction. While this process can be rewarding, there are some important factors to consider when buying a historic home. Such homes often have outdated plumbing, making them more prone to water damage and internal malfunctions. Before you purchase your historical home, make sure an extensive, through exception is performed on the entire home. Repairs on historic homes can be extremely costly and take away the excitement of purchasing a new house.

Avoid Unexpected Plumbing Repairs in Phoenix

The first step you want to take when considering purchasing a historic home is the plumbing. Some older homes may have cast iron or lead pipes installed throughout the house. These types of pipes are outdated and are susceptible to damage and failure. You may want to consider installing a new modern plumbing system that won’t threaten the health of your home. Also, make sure you have a professional plumber inspect the sewer line to ensure that it hasn’t collapsed or broken in any place. Faulty sewer lines can result in sewage backup and extensive damages. Even if the plumbing is more up to date, you may still discover hidden plumbing leaks. When having the home inspected, ask the plumber to double check the water pressure and water quality. If the water is not safe to drink, or the pressure it faulty, you can find yourself in the face of costly repairs and upgrades.


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ACE Home Services Historic Homes Plumbing Problems

The Danger of Water Damage

Many historic homes experience water damage throughout the lifespan of the house, regardless of the plumbing. For example, a deteriorated or damaged roof may allow water leaks from the top of the home, while water in the ground can threaten the entire foundation. To avoid buying a home with extensive water damage, carefully look all around the roof and floors for any damage. Sagging ceilings and uneven floors are hints that there may already by serious damage. Even discolored spots can signal a problem. If it happens to rain, visit the house and make sure that water runs away from the home and doesn’t damage the foundation.


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Maintaining Your Historic Home

If the home you are looking to purchase has been recently occupied, then it is likely that it is in better condition than a home that has been unoccupied. Regardless, ask the previous owner for any and all maintenance records and verify them with your inspector. If you are looking for local plumbing services or someone to come to your new home and provide a full, thorough, and transparent inspection, call ACE Home Services today! We will send a certified, experienced plumber to your new home and help make the home-buying process easier. You can trust your place, with ACE!

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