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The Rent-to-Own Air Conditioner Program from Carrier

Ask About the Rent-to-Own Program from Carrier and Ace!

Ace is proud to announce a new program that means you can have the best air conditioning unit – a Carrier – and the lowest payment. It’s rent-to-own financing, a very special new program from Carrier. We’re proud to be the dealer selected to offer this program in the Valley of the Sun and throughout Arizona.

If you haven’t wanted to settle for just any air conditioner, but you didn’t think you could afford the quality you wanted, here’s the good news! Carrier – the company founded by the inventor of modern air conditioning – has chosen Ace Home Services to offer their new rent-to-own program. You get the proven track record of Ace Home Services, a new energy-efficient Carrier A/C and the easiest, more affordable financing ever!


– Tailored to your needs, you can now own a top quality air conditioner from the most famous name in air conditioning, Carrier, with a monthly payment you can afford!

– Three companies who put your comfort first have joined together to give you the most flexible A/C financing ever! Ace, Carrier and Microf Financial want you to keep your cool and rent-to-own financing makes it possible.

– Quick, hassle-free financing approval means that Ace will be able to install your new Carrier in record time.

– Lower your utility bills with a new energy-efficient Carrier from Ace!

– Count on Ace for expert installation and regular maintenance so your Carrier always runs at top-efficiency.

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– Flexible monthly payments give you the options you need. There’s a plan that’s right for your budget!

Carrier was founded by the man who invented air conditioning; now, Carrier is revolutionizing the industry by making the best A/C affordable. Call Ace today and find out more about the groundbreaking rent-to-own program from Carrier.

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