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Easy DIY Air Conditioner Repair

Problems with air conditioning units are common in Arizona, especially during the summer. If there seems to be something wrong with your unit, you may be able to fix it yourself! The following are a few steps that can help you fix your A/C, without costing you extra money for service fees.

How To Repair Your A/C – Yourself!

Check the air filters

Dirty air filters can block air from properly flowing through your system, changing the air pressure and causing costly breakdowns. You should check your air filters monthly, and replace them at least every couple of months (depending on usage).
a/c filter

Check the coils

Located in the outdoor condenser unit, you should be able to find the condenser coils. If these are blocked by debris or dirty, it will affect your unit’s ability to release heat, negatively impacting your A/C’s performance. You can clean the coils by spraying them off with a hose and removing any debris.
If your coils in your indoor unit are dirty, you will need to contacts one of the professionals at ACE to properly clean these.

ACE Home Services DIY AC Unit

Check the breaker

Check your breaker box to make sure that the breaker for your A/C has not been tripped. Also, make sure that the box is clean! In the summer, insect’s often make nests here and can accidentally trip some of the circuits.
replace hvac electrical

Check the setting on your A/C

This is a simple fix! Check your A/C’s temperature control and set the thermostat lower than the indoor temperature. Also, make sure it’s on the “cool” setting and not the “fan only” setting. This is a common mistake that can return your air conditioner to cooling your home.

For more information, or to request professional assistance and repair service, contact ACE Home Services today!

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