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Do You Know What an On-Demand Water Pump Is?

On-demand water pumps, or small demand delivery pumps, are pumps that store water until they are needed for a specific use. These kinds of pumps are often used to supply vending machines, osmosis units, refrigerators, icemakers, hot tubs, and more. They are a form of non-pressurized tanks that only turn on when the machine they supply “demand” to it. For example, when you are a fast-food restaurant, and you push a button to fill your cup with water, the button activates a device called a solenoid that is responsible for opening the valve to the water line. When the valve opens, the demand pump is signaled, and it sends water to the correct destination. When the valve closes, it builds up pressure in the system and the pump sensor shuts the pump off and conserves water for future use.

Pump Chatter

Pump chatter is a phenomenon that occurs when a pump’s pressure backs up and makes noise, normally due to a lack of a tank. When the pressure drops, the pump briefly turns on in efforts to restore the pressure, even though no water has been demanded. By installing a pump tank, you can prevent this pump chatter, provide more water when needed, protect plumbing, and prevent your appliances from any damage due to surges in pressure. Although not a necessity, a demand pump can improve the efficiency and performance of your other plumbing systems.

Pump Installation Experts

If you are considering installing an on-demand pump, then call your friends at ACE Home Services at (602) 428-3341 today to schedule service! Our certified and expert plumbers can tackle any project, always providing superior services that you can trust. Contact ACE today!

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