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DIY Gone Wrong? Maybe It’s Time To Call a Plumber

Thanks to the internet, you now have unlimited knowledge available at your fingertips. When you experience a plumbing issue in your home, you may be inclined to research how to fix the problem yourself. In some scenarios, you can easily make your plumbing issues into a DIY project. However, there are some repairs that require professional assistance.

Many homeowners attempt to do the repairs themselves in hopes to save money. Although this may be satisfactory, it doesn’t always work out. If your simple repairs turns into a plumbing emergency, you will most likely end up paying A LOT for a professional to properly correct the disastrous situation. Avoid costly repairs and learn how to determine when it’s the right time to hire a plumber, and when you can tackle the job yourself.

Be Realistic About Your Abilities

The best way to decided if you need a plumber is to be honest with yourself. Are you an experienced handyman? Are you confident in your abilities? If you have never even picked up a wrench, you may want to be careful before attempting to fix that leaking pipe.


ACE Home Services - replace/ fixing a plumbing leak

Some plumbing repairs, however, require little to no experience. For example, a clogged drain or leaky faucet are simply repairs that the average person can easily complete. Snaking a drain and tightening a leaky faucet are approachable and realistic jobs for an inexperienced homeowner. Even if you have a misaligned sink stopper, you can fix it with a pair of pliers and put that money for a service call back in your pocket! If the project seems more in depth than these types of repair, you may want to consider picking up the phone and calling for backup.

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ACE to the Rescue!

If you feel uncomfortable or unsure about a plumbing job, then it’s important you call a professional to come help you. Plumbing repairs gone wrong can results in system failures, flooding, and costly damages. Fortunately, ACE Home Services offers the finest plumbing services and will work with your budget to help you get your hope back on track. Call us today to learn more!

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