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Did You Know It’s Plumbing Season In Phoenix?

Did you know that it’s plumbing season? The problems begin when things start to cool down and get chilly. Pipes can freeze and burst, lines can collapse, and root intrusions can wreak havoc.

What Does Plumbing Season Mean to You?

An accurate diagnosis of a plumbing problem may require a video camera sewer line inspection. Most plumbers charge you $299 just to diagnose the problem using this camera. ACE Home Services believes this video camera is a necessity, not a luxury for our customers. That’s why we include this $299 service at no charge, when it’s necessary, with any purchased drain or sewer line cleaning service.

If your drains are slow, or if you suspect any sewer problems, please don’t hesitate to call us. What could be a simple (and less expensive) fix now can end up being a larger, more expensive problem later.

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