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How to Choose a Cost-Effective Air Conditioner for Your Small Business

Air conditioning is something you can’t live without in the summer months, especially for businesses based in Phoenix, the literal Valley of the Sun. Even if you’re good at sweating through the heat without losing your mind, you’ll quickly drive employees and customers out the door if you don’t have an effective cooling system in place.

While air conditioning in the summer months can cost you a pretty penny, you don’t have to spend all of your profits on power bills to stay comfortable. Use this guide to learn more about cost-effective use of air conditioning systems for your small business.

In most cases, these tips will apply to heating in the winter months as well, making them beneficial all year long.

Check SEER Ratings

By now you’ve probably heard about SEER ratings. You might know that they stand for efficiency, but that could be just about all you know about them.

In practical terms, SEER ratings can be used to measure how much energy your AC and heat system will use through the course of its life cycle. SEER ratings also work to tell you how much CO2 will be emitted when you use a particular AC and heating unit.

SEER ratings are an excellent indicator of energy usage, but picking the right unit isn’t always easy.

Picking the Right AC Unit

Depending on where you live, you will likely be able to find AC and heat systems with SEER ratings between 13 and 25. If you’re replacing an older unit with a rating of 8 to 10, virtually any new unit is a step in the right direction.

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The more you use your AC though, and the higher your initial budget, the better off you’ll be to pick one with a high SEER number. Over time, an AC unit with a SEER rating of 18 will use about half as much electricity as a unit with an 8 rating.

That means you’ll pay less money in heating and cooling bills and reduce your CO2 emissions considerably.

Proper Installation

Choosing the right AC and heating unit is just one part of the battle. Finding one that’s the right size to properly cool your space, then having it installed properly, is just as important.

Whether you’re replacing an old unit or starting from scratch, size and efficiency should be important to you. Use an expert that handles AC and heating equipment to size your space for the right unit and to install it correctly.

Cover Windows When Possible

Choosing and sizing your AC unit is important, but air conditioning is still going to cost you money. That’s why one common sense solution can help you save money and run that AC considerably less, even when it’s hot in the dead of summer.

If possible, cover windows that don’t have to be exposed – like those showcasing a product, for example – with some sort of window treatment. Solar shades, curtains and even blackout shades can be used to reduce the amount of heat coming into your business in the middle of the day.

Rely On Ace Home Services

Contact Ace Home Services to learn more about air conditioner efficiency ratings and how you can make the best use of your AC system in a small business environment. Ace Home Services can also help you with all of your heat and air conditioning installation, repair, and regular maintenance needs.

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