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Easy Home Maintenance to Impress Your Mom

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Pssst. Let’s let you in on a little secret vis a vis Mother’s Day. Flowers and candies are great, no doubt about it, but you know what would really wow her? Taking care of some things around the house! Maintenance work is usually far from the first thing on people’s minds when it comes to gifts but taking the time to fix and maintain things around the home will make your mom’s life easier and last a heckuva lot longer than chocolates.

Easy Home Maintenance to Impress Your Mom

Clean Refrigerator Coils

Look behind your refrigerator and you’re likely to see a few things, dust, pet hair, maybe a lost tomato. What you’re looking for are the condenser coils that run along the back or bottom of the fridge. These coils are what release the heat to keep the fridge working efficiently. They also tend to get ridiculously dusty, covered in pet hair and maybe home to a few spider webs (watch out!) all of which drastically reduces its efficiency and in turn the lifespan of the fridge. Get a coil cleaning brush (a bendable brush that can fit into tight areas) and vacuum and you’re good to go!

Flush the Water Heater

Bath bombs are great, but what if her water never gets warm enough to use them? Few things ruin as many parts of our day like a busted water heater. Cleaning clothes, washing hands, doing dishes, taking showers! Hot water helps to keep us happy and healthy so don’t let your mom go without! If the water heater is having trouble heating up or the hot water is used up quickly you probably have a problem with sediment in the tank. Flush the tank, drain the sediment, extend the life of the water heater. Now those bath bombs can be put to good use!

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That’s not the only thing you can do with the water heater to help mom out. Check out our previous blog on spring cleaning your water heater and really spoil her!

Clean Dryer Vents

We’re not talking about the lint trap, obviously. If your mom is like ours, she taught you everything you need to know about laundry (and if not, okay, maybe you should check the lint trap while you’re at it!) The dryer vent gets rid of the water vapor and lint with it. A plugged vent spells a whole lot of trouble including causing the dryer to run inefficiently, taking longer to dry or strong odors coming from the dryer. Lint isn’t the only thing that will clog a vent however! There could be debris, dirt, heck even pests making a nest in there causing the plug. Find the vent, clear out the debris and be sure to take a look at the tubing or duct leading from the dryer itself to the vent, they can use a cleaning too.

Clear the Gutters

While we might not get the most rain here in the Valley, it often means we’re not necessarily the most ready for when it does come along. We’re just not used to it okay! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Get the ladder out, clear out the gutters from the leaves, palm fronds, and anything else that might be hanging out. You’ll be doing something nice for your mother and you won’t have to come running to help if the gutters back up and cause leaks inside. Nice.

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So get out there and help your mom out, but hey, don’t forget the sweets! Show all your siblings who the best child is. If you find your mom’s AC unit needs a bit more than a simple filter cleaning, give us a call. ACE Home Services is happy to help!

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