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Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance by Choosing the Right Air Filter

The performance of your A/C is directly related to your air filter. A dirty air filter can prevent cool air from reaching your home, and cause your unit to experience costly breakdowns. Clean air filters can help your unit perform efficiently and effectively, and improve your homes air quality by providing a clean living environment. During seasons of high usage, such as the summertime, you want to replace your air filter about every month. At the very least, you should replace your filter every six months. When it comes to air filters, you are paying for quality. Make sure to purchase a quality filter, so that you can reap the most benefits from your decision.

5 Most Common Types of Air Filters

Electronic Air Cleaner Filters

These filters are great at eliminating pollen, mold spores, small particles, and airborne viruses. They use an electric field that has been ionized to attract pollutants and particles.

Washable, Electrostatic Filters

These filters have a static charge, hence the name “electrostatic”. This charge attracts dust, dirt, large particles, and other pollutants. These filters are more effective than disposable filters but do not block out smaller particles.

Pleated, Allergy Filters

Made of dense, mesh-like materials, these filters excel in eliminating larger allergens, such as pollen or mold.

Disposable Fiberglass Filters

These are the least expensive type of air filter, which is only designed to eliminate large dust particles. They are not good at filtering small particles or allergens.

HEPA Furnace Filters

Considered the “gold standard” of air filters, these filters provide the highest filtration technology available. These filters are often used in hospitals, or other commercial industries, where clean air is vital.

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Not sure which filter is right for your home? Contact ACE Home Services today to schedule a bi-annual HVAC tune-up and we’ll fit the right filter into your unit!

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