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How Do I Maintain My AC Unit During the Cold Months?

Your air conditioner was designed and fitted to keep your home cool and comfortable even when the outside temperature climbs well above 100 degrees in the middle of the Arizona summer. Without it, you’d be pretty miserable from the time you wake up to when you try to get some sleep at night.

While air conditioner units tend to be pretty robust and made to withstand the elements, most people don’t really use air conditioning during the fall and winter. You’re probably a whole lot more reliant on your heating, after all.

That much time in hibernation can leave your AC unit vulnerable. Use this guide to help you get your AC unit back in shape and make sure that it will provide the cooling you need when summer arrives.

Visually Inspect Your AC

Most average homeowners can’t do a whole lot when it comes to air conditioning repair. After all, that’s not really your specialty, and AC units can be pretty complex machines. That doesn’t mean you can inspect your unit visually, though.

Start by removing any condenser covers, coil covers or special wraps your unit had during the winter months. These aren’t meant to be left on year round, and they can cause operational problems when your AC is working during the summer.

Next, take the time to visually inspect the outside of the unit. Sweep away any debris that you find on the unit itself, as well as the important condenser coils. Looking for damaged or rotted insulation that’s part of your AC unit and system is also something the average homeowner can do.

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Finally, look for any serious damage to the unit itself. If you see large dents, rust or anything of that nature, you’ll need to have a professional look at the unit before you turn it on.

Change Air Filters

Replacing the air filter that’s part of your air conditioning unit is something you should be doing regularly. While different units require different change times, replacing filters between seasons, especially when you’re turning the AC on for the first time, is essential.

Locate your current filter and take note of how it fits into the unit if you’re not too familiar with changing filters. Replace your old one with a new one of the same type and make sure it is seated firmly in place.

An improperly positioned air filter can prevent your AC unit from working as efficiently as it should, driving your bills up and keeping your home from getting cool enough in the summer.

Schedule a Service Call

Inspecting your AC unit and replacing the air filter can go a long way toward getting your air conditioner up and running. That doesn’t mean the task is done, and if you want a truly efficient unit, you need a professional to come out for a tune-up.

A seasonal tune-up of your AC unit will ensure that your unit is working at peak performance and that your bills don’t go through the roof because of an issue you couldn’t diagnose on your own. Seasonal tune-up services can also help make sure your AC parts are functioning properly, helping you prevent a major repair down the road that could leave you without AC when you most need it.

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