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6 Air Conditioner Landscaping Ideas to Protect Your A/C Unit

There’s something about spring that makes you want to see flowers bloom and green things sprout. It’s a time of year when many people get out in their yards and start pruning, planting and landscaping. If your air conditioner isn’t adding to your outdoor décor, here are 6 air conditioner landscaping ideas to hide it and help it.

6 Ways to Keep Your Yard From Ruining Your AC Unit in Phoenix

1. Grow Up, Not Out. When you want to hide your air conditioner with plants, choose plants that grow up rather than spreading. You’re going to get two benefits – first, you’re going to see beautiful green instead of an air conditioning unit. Next, you’re going to give that A/C some shade which will help it be more efficient when it gets hot – really hot.

2. Move Back. You want to have somewhere between 3 and 5 feet of space between the A/C and the plants. You need to leave room for your service technician to work on your air conditioner. Remember, when we talk about leaving space, we’re talking about the space when the plant matures not when it’s first planted. Pay attention to the tag on the plant and plant it accordingly so that when it’s big and beautiful, your ac unit still has the space it needs for air flow and service calls.

3. No Seedpods or Fruit. You want to choose plants that aren’t going to drop a debris that could blow into the vents and cause a problem. Plus, you don’t want to have to constantly cleanup to keep the space around the air conditioner clean.

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4. Texture and Color. Create a focal point that moves the eye past the air conditioning unit. For example, plant a group of fine-textured, small-leafed plants to the front of the air conditioner but slightly off center. Then, plant a large, bold, colorful plant further away so the eye is moved past the air conditioner to that beautiful, big plant.

5. Containers Work. If you plant in colorful planters of all sizes, you can simply move the plants when the air conditioner needs service – not to mention changing the foliage with the season. Think about using some tall, ornamental grasses. They’re beautiful in elongated containers and do a good job of hiding the unit.

6. Trellises Work! If you want to hide the unit, plant up! A climbing rose or, even, ivy growing up a trellis will give your landscaping vertical interest, provide coverage of the A/C and allow for space for maintenance and repair. You can even plant that vertical plant in a pot if you like.

Beautiful landscaping and an air conditioner can cohabitate nicely – it just takes some work and planning on your part as you plan your landscaping. Give the A/C room for maintenance and plenty of air flow and then, go to work with your favorite plants and ideas. Don’t forget that summer follow spring so you’ll want to be sure that when you move indoors and want that chilled air your air conditioner is ready. Call a registered and licensed air conditioning maintenance company and make springtime, time for your annual A/C maintenance!

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