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6 Fun Facts About the History of Air Conditioning

You love to read about the past of historical figures – or the latest movie star. But, did you ever stop to think that your air conditioner might have its own interesting past?

6 Things You May Not Have Known About Air Conditioning

Did you know…

1. At The Movies

If you’ve ever spent a hot afternoon with a big tub of popcorn at your favorite movie theater, you are not alone. Before there was home air conditioning, there were air-conditioned movie theaters. As early as 1917 – almost 100 years ago – movie theaters were luring customers with A/C and advertisement with icicle-covered messages.

2. At The Bar

Air conditioning showed up early – probably before Happy Hour. In 1891 a beer hall and restaurant became an ice palace when they added refrigeration. It came complete with frosted pipes but delivered as much as a 20-degree drop in temperature. Cool air and a cold beer – wonder if they served pickled pig’s feet.

3. At The House Of Commons

It wasn’t exactly air conditioning but in 1736, the House of Commons added a seven-foot, hand-cranked “blowing wheel” – a giant fan that maybe helped keep the politico’s tempers cool, too. The person turning the wheel was the “ventilator”. Did you know that the “V” in HVAC stands for ventilation?

4. Women Only

That ventilator at the House of Commons – well, the hot little room it was located in became the place where women could watch the proceedings. Women attended the House of Commons as early as 1698, but when they refused to leave when “secret matters” were to be discussed in 1778, they were ejected. By 1782 a small number were back and it was decided to create a woman’s only area in the hot little room with the ventilator.

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5. Just 6×9

That’s the size of the first air-conditioned room in the home on a California millionaire in 1892. A false wall was required to hide the equipment and more equipment was housed on the roof. The first fully air-conditioned home didn’t come along until 1913 when the barbed-wire “Spend a Million” Gates (no relation to this era’s Gates) air conditioned his home in Minneapolis. Should we ask why those first homes weren’t built in hotter climes?

6. Wall Street, Too

Can you imagine this year’s roller-coaster stock market taking place without cooling? Talk about hot under the collar. It became cooler with its ventilation system in 1903.

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