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5 Ways to Stay Warm When it’s Cold Outside

If you don’t like to be cold – and who does? – here are 5 tips to help keep you warm and safe when you’re out and about. It’s going to be a wild winter so get ready now!

5 Tips for Keeping Warm

If you’re feeling a bit cold, try one of these tested and proven methods for staying warm.

1. Layer!

You don’t want your body heat to warm the world around you. That’s what happens when you lose heat through conduction. You sit on a cold bench or the wind blows and you lose body heat. Layer it up. Start with a base layer that fights conduction. Long underwear and wool socks are conduction fighters. Your last layer should be wind proof, water proof and breathable to help insulate you against the cold!

2. Shiver Inside.

Shivering is your body’s way of trying to keep you warm by protecting your core temperature to generate heat through your muscles contracting and relaxing. It’s a sign that you’re cold and you should get somewhere warmer. You shiver when you have mild hypothermia as you more to moderate hypothermia the body gives up and stops shivering because it’s not working. That means your core temperature can drop. So, if you’re shivering do something – get in a warm car or building – and warm yourself up.

3. Get Used To It.

You can acclimate to the cold. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you actually can reduce your body’s “set point” and delay its response to the cold. Scientists think it has something to do with brown fat. Brown fat consumes calories to release energy as heat. Newborns and animals that don’t shiver have more of it. Being out in the cold may activate your brown fat or actually help increase it. The scientific jury is still out on exactly how it works, but you can adjust to colder temperatures to some degree.

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4. Skip The Alcohol.

A hot toddy sounds good on a cold day and it’s true that drinking a warm drink will increase your core temperature, but leave out the booze. Alcohol has the opposite effect. It drops your core temperature so settle for a hot chocolate or a cup of hot tea.

5. Be Prepared.

If you’re driving to Grandma’s house or even just going out to shop, don’t leave the house unprepared. We read about it all the time; the people who get trapped in their car and did or, unfortunately, did not survive. Make sure your car is stocked with water, calorie-dense foods, warm blankets and even a change of clothes when you’re going to venture out. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says 25% of winter related fatalities happen when people are caught out in a storm and are unprepared.

Having Problems Keeping Your House Warm?

Keep yourself warm and keep your home warm and safe. Use a programmable thermostat so you can come home to a warm, welcoming home after being out in the cold. Make sure you have your furnace safety checked by a licensed heating firm so you know it’s operating safely and ready to work through the long, cold winter. Keep the phone number of the HVAC Company close by just in case your furnace needs service when it’s cold – very cold – outside. Click here to contact ACE Home Services.

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