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5 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down The Toilet!

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There Are Two Things That Should Be Flushed Down The Toilet: Toilet Paper – You Can Guess The Other One! Here Are 6 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down The Toilet.

Flush These 5 Things Down Your Toilet to Ruin Your Plumbing

You don’t want an expensive plumbing bill, right? If this is in fact the case, never, ever flush these five items down your toilet.

1. Cotton Balls and cotton swabs


ACE Home Services - Toilet flush

Cotton expands by absorbing water. Guess what’s in your toilet? A few balls of cotton can easily add up to a big problem when they clog your pipes.

2. Paper towels


Man plunging a clogged toilet

You know the heavy-duty brand of paper towel that can absorb an entire gallon of milk? It’s great to have on hand for messy problems. It can also create a messy problem when it’s flushed down the toilet. A strong paper towel doesn’t break down in the presence of water, and it’s highly absorbent. Its greatest strength is the very reason why you shouldn’t flush it down the toilet!

3. Floss


man fixing a leaky toilet

Every see a cat playing with a ball of yarn? A ball of yarn is hard to untangle, which is half the reason why cats find it endlessly entertaining. Flushed floss tangles together, much like a ball of yarn. It also acts as a net, catching other material flushed down the toilet.

4. Hair


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A clip or two of hair won’t do a lot of damage. But if you’re for some reason flushing hair down the toilet, chances are that you’ve flushed enough down the drain for one hair to eventually become the final straw. Hair doesn’t dissolve, and clogs your pipes.

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5. Bandages


ACE Home Services - Things to Never Flush Down the Toilet - Cotton Balls

Non-biodegradable materials don’t dissolve in water. Trash them, don’t flush them!

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