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5 Helpful Tips When Purchasing an A/C System

Your air conditioner is a vital part of your home, especially during the summer. If your A/C breaks down, you are left to deal with an uncomfortable home that is susceptible to the heat. During those extra hot days, the heat can threaten the safety of your plants, pets, and family. Most A/C systems last about 10-20 years, depending on the home, brand, and where you live. Homeowners normally only have to purchase a new system once in their lifetime, but it is still timely process that can be made easier with a little background information. The following are five useful tips to help you when it comes to purchasing an air conditioning system for your home.

1. Find a Professional Near You

There are many HVAC and Home Services companies available in today’s market. Research a company near you that is reliable and provides quality service, such as ACE Home Services! Receiving professional help from a technician or contractor can ensure that the make and model are appropriate for your home and your family’s needs. You can even receive different quotes and estimates for comparison, helping you make a choice that you are comfortable with. Hiring a professional for this service also ensures that the job is done correctly, preventing future problems from occurring.

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2. Factor in Installation Costs

Whether you are repairing your A/C, or installing a new one, there are two costs you should keep in mind: the price of the unit and the price to install that unit. In some instances, you can save money by purchasing the unit wholesale, but will still have to pay the installation fee. This is something you can discuss with your contractor or hired technician.

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3. Consider the Size of the A/C Unit

The size of your home is a huge factor when choosing a new unit. You want to pick out an A/C unit that is appropriate for the size of your home, which can ultimately help you save money and improve your energy usage. For example, if you have a very large and spacious home, a central A/C is going to be more beneficial and energy efficient than a window unit or portable unit. Installing a system that is too large for your home can raise your electric bills and lower your energy efficiency. We suggest that you ensure your HVAC technicians or contractor performs a full inspection of your home and determines the appropriate load calculation for the unit you will be purchasing. This calculation comes from the number of square feet in your home, insulation, location, your family’s needs, and any additional factors.

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4. Ensuring Energy Efficiency

Every air conditioning system has an energy efficiency rating that is measured by SEER: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is government required rating that ranges from 14 to 22. Consult a professional about which rating is right for your home!

5. Maintaining Your Unit

Maintenance is key when it comes to the health and performance of your A/C unit. Most manufacturers and HVAC companies suggest that you schedule a maintenance service at least once a year. Failing to do so may void the warranty on your system and lead to costly damages. For example, failing to replace your air filters and refill your coolant can cause your unit to malfunction and breakdown, possibly requiring you to purchase a new system. Avoid these extra costs and inconvenient problems by maintaining your A/C unit!

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