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12 Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet

It’s been a wild past few months this year. While the toilet paper drought seems to mostly have passed, there is a fear here amongst our plumbers of just what lengths people were resorting. So. We thought it might be high time we confirm what not to flush down your toilet! Just in case. And while we’re at it will cover some other things that you should never flush.

A Dozen Things That Don’t Go Down the Toilet

1. Flushable wipes

It’s rough that we have to say this, not because people are confused but because the term ‘flushable’ gets to be thrown around with no real regard for its impact. ‘Flushable’ wipes simply means that the wipe will flush down out of your toilet, but there is 0 consideration for what it will do once it gets to your pipes. So while you might think it’s okay to use, as soon as it leaves the porcelain it can cause you clogs. Similarly makeup remover wipes are no bueno. So just don’t.

2. Paper towels

“Paper towels are just heavy duty toilet paper!” False! Paper towels are designed to be absorbent, pick up all sorts of messes, and not to degrade with liquid. Just look at the size of an individual paper towel sheet compared to toilet paper. Even if it did break down (which they don’t) the size of it would cause a clog in no time!

3. Hair

Everyone has had experience with their shower drain getting clogged from hair, the same principle applies to the pipes draining from your toilet. One hair might not cause any problems, but when is it ever one? 

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4. Tampons

Hygiene products are not flushable. These need to be disposed of correctly in the garbage. These are made to absorb liquid (which in this case isn’t a good thing) and can get lodged in the pipes easily.

5. Condoms

Breaking down is the last thing you want condoms to do so sending them down the toilet is just asking for problems. Throw these into the garbage and get rid of them correctly.

6. Flushable toilet bowl cleaning heads

At this point we should probably just say hey, if it says ‘flushable,’ it really isn’t and should be considered. 

The only thing that’s truly flushable is toilet paper.

7. Contacts

Plastics don’t belong in pipes. Plastic doesn’t belong in water. Why would tiny plastic contacts belong down the drain? Dispose correctly, don’t cause any stick to the sides of pipes, accumulate and clog or end up in treatment facilities clogging water. Yuck. Trash it don’t flush it.

8. Cat Litter

Listen, we can understand the thought process. Logically you might think, “Hey, the toilet is for waste, cat litter is too… It’s probably fine–” Nope! Never flush it even if it’s labeled ‘flushable’ (we know what that means!)

9. Floss

When folks are in the bathroom attending to their hygiene they might get careless and let some floss end up in the toilet. Sorry to say, you need to fish that out! Floss isn’t designed to degrade and break apart (and thus not clog) in water. If it gets flushed it can end up catching a snag, and then developing an even worse block.

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10. Diapers

Aside from needing the Arnold Schwarzenegger of toilets to flush one down, diapers also have other materials in them that don’t break down in the sewer system. Dispose of them correctly in the garbage.

11. Food

Sure, food can end up down the sink sometimes, that’s why  you have a garbage disposal to help break it up. You never want to pour a whole head of lettuce or stew or something down the drain. Your toilet doesn’t have that sort of machinery to help break down any material to prevent clogs so don’t do it.

12. Cooking Grease

Everyone knows you don’t dispose of cooking fat down the sink. Why would your toilet be any different? Fat congeals and hardens up as it cools, and definitely don’t break down like you’d want them to. So don’t throw them down your sink, and don’t throw them down the toilet.

We hope this list was entirely unnecessary and you know everything there is to know about what to flush (just toilet paper and waste!) and what not to (everything else!) Knowing these and other beneficial plumbing tips should keep your plumbing running smooth!  If you happen to have a clog, entirely unrelated to any of these items no doubt, don’t hesitate to give ACE Home Services a call! We’ll take care of everything from drain cleaning to remodeling! We can handle your commercial plumbing work too!

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