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10 Alarming Indoor Air Pollution Facts

When it comes to air pollution, many of us fail to recognize the dangers hiding in our own homes. The following information isn’t designed to scare you as much as it is to educate you on the particles in the air you breathe within your home that could be harmful.

Facts About Indoor Air Pollution

Here’s what you really need to know about indoor air pollution and how it affects you:


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    1. Everyday Product Pollutants

Your home may be full of pollutants left behind by household cleaners, air fresheners and other everyday products. Even products not sprayed into the air can give off chemicals that linger and harm your body.

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  • Fabric Pollutants


Fabric traps pollutants. Small particles of common air pollutants come to rest on the fabric and continue to build up over time. The next time you plop down on the couch or fling the curtains open, you could be dislodging particles and sending them back into the air.

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  • Indoor Air vs Outdoor Air


The air inside your home is up to five times more dangerous than the air outside. This is usually because most homes do not have a proper air filtration system, which results in higher cancer rates for people who work in the home than elsewhere.

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  • Aging Takes its Toll


Indoor air pollution affects us more as we age. Air pollutants build up in our lungs over time, making the muscles less pliable. The elderly are most likely to suffer from poor indoor air quality.

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  • People with Asthma Often Suffer More


Asthma gets much worse when air pollutants are present where you live. Difficulty breathing often can be attributed to contaminants inside the home.


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  • People with Asthma Often Suffer More


You can improve air quality in your home easily. Purchasing a quality air purifier and simply dusting with a damp cloth can help eliminate pollutants and remove them altogether.


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  • Heating System Pollutants


Your heating system may be contributing to poor indoor air quality. Whether you have a gas furnace or a wood-burning fireplace, most heating methods cause some form of pollution inside your home.

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  • Plug-in Air Fresheners Aren’t a Solution


Air fresheners make things worse. While air pollutants may be responsible for bad smells in the home, masking them with air fresheners and candles only adds more chemicals to the air. The only way to remove the chemicals is with proper ventilation and filtration.

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  • It’s Time to Test


There are tests for air quality. You can hire a professional to assess your air quality and help improve it.

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  • Procrastinating Makes Matters Worse


You should act today. The longer you let indoor air pollutants build up, the more they will affect your health – short- and long-term. If you have indoor pollutants, address them immediately. Do not procrastinate.

Who to Call for Indoor Air Quality Testing in Phoenix

If you would like to test the quality of your home’s air to ensure it isn’t causing harm, Ace Home Services offers a Phoenix Indoor Air Environment Quality Test. Contact Ace Home Services today at (602) 428-3341 to learn more.

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